Join and practice our Emotional Wellness program to assist you with addiction, anxiety, depression and lots more. Learn here how profoundly love heals.

community space to honor emotional wellness

FeelzLife is a thought provoking, nurturing community space to experience a progressive, simple, daily emotional wellness program.

If you are currently being effected by hurricanes, natural disasters within the United States, Caribbean, and battling symptoms of addiction;

please text 'BREATHENOW' to 41411 and receive our supplied addiction symptom relief subscription.

Founder, Genie OMalley, instructs an Emotional Wellness Workshop as a guest speaker, at the Paul Mitchell School.


Join Feelz Life and experience new friendships, and a new daily practice, which celebrates your potential in a new way.


Access Emotional Support anywhere and learn that Emotional Wellness, and its positive effects, can help with; stress, depression, anxiety and addiction while improving overall quality of life.

With your monthly subscription you gain access to the 42 digital Feelz Emotional Wellness programs.

i.e. Feelz 15 - confusion vs. anxiousness

Feelz Calmness


The video below provides a simple introduction to Emotions and the importance of the Feelz.

Featuring Genie OMalley, humanitarian, inventor and emotional wellness trailblazer.

Learn the 3-Part Breath

A 21 year journey and counting...

The Feelz, the Founder, and the journey to now.

Featuring Living Breath Process Inventor, DFS Inc. CEO and steadfast Global Humanitarian, Genie OMalley. A ardent pioneer and supporter of community initiatives, developing and mastering a breath technique. Facilitating positive internal Emotional Wellness reconstruction, within individuals and communities alike.