About the Founder

Genie O’Malley brings revolution to the lives of others. A gifted and comprehensive speaker, she possesses the power of being able to effectively and purposefully reach her audience. Her mastery of emotional wellness and how to dissolve the unconscious mind shines through in the clarity and subtle-yet-poignant urgency of her words and wisdom, passionately moving audiences.

Genie is the CEO & founder of the Living Breath Process, which is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities. She teaches individuals to unplug from the negative mind through a unique three-part breath pattern and the language of love that she terms the “Living Breath Process”. Through the Living Breath Process and the words that accompany it, individuals dissolve the unconscious mind and harness a deeper understanding of their inner-selves, and thus unleash unlimited potential within their lives. Using practical wisdom, and with unending compassion, O’Malley helps others to become free and live mindful friendships, become wise family members, and inspiring individuals. All of this is accomplished through the power of wisdom, and breath.